Dreamers and Giants: Introduction

Dreamers and Giants: Introduction

It’s all about the People . . .

And Their Stories

The Founders dreamed us into existence in 1890.

Without those dreams, we would not exist.

The Giants have come here to teach, learn, and work ever since.  The stories of these people are important and fascinating. The purpose of this website is to collect the stories and to celebrate all that has happened as a result of what has gone before.

Each person has a story of when and why they came here.  Each person has a story of what they did while they were here.  Some have come and gone quickly, while others have been here for many decades. Some have taken what they have learned and gone out to change the world.  All have been changed by their experiences.

People to Thank

This website is a living and growing resource, and more will be added to it regularly.  Already there are alumni, faculty and staff (current and former), student interns, and others who are involved in the process of collecting-organizing-preserving-and sharing of these stories.  It is expected, and hoped, that there will be many others who will join me in this venture. Thanks to all (including my alumni family one and all) for the cheerleading and suggestions along the way.  Special thanks, also, to those who have done work on college history throughout the years. It is their work that has made mine possible. Especially we thank: Thomas W. Haught, Kenneth M. Plummer, Brett T. Miller, Pharos staffs, and Murmurmontis staffs throughout the years, and other Giants of former and current times.


This work is something that has been of great interest to me personally for many years.  Now that I have retired, I have the time to commit to making it come alive. I welcome any information, photographs, or other items that you may have.  You may contact me by filling out the following form below, or email me at historian@wvwc.edu

Paula Lowther McGrew, Class of 1978

  • Associate Professor of Library Science, Emerita
  • Director of Library Services, Emerita
  • College Historian
  • Editor of Dreamersandgiants.com